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My First Adventure Floating the Green River

Seeing a baby doe just around the bend I sit still for a few seconds trying not to scare it away with my false casting and repeated attempts at dead drifting to the various “fishy” holes and eddies I see scattered along the banks. At this point the famous “A” section of the Green River […]


Fly Fishing on the McCloud River in June

First off let me say that the McCloud River is one amazing river that seems to have a little something for everybody. With its rich history of fishing since the 1800’s and before with native indians inhabiting the landscape and a most picturesque layer of thick evergreens as its cover it has personality all its […]

Fly Fishing Spotted Bay Bass in Coronado

Glorietta Bay Fly Fishing

Fly fished Glorietta Bay for the first time ever after living in San Diego for almost 7 years! I love fly fishing but have been reluctant to get into the salt water. Why? I don’t know. Different flies, weighted specialty lines, no knowledge of salty fish, tides, or just where the hell are the fish […]


Hilton Lakes

This is another incredible hike that starts near the Tom’s Place turnout between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierras. I made this a one day turnaround trip hauling some boot foot waders (crazy) and risking the cloudy weather that was tempting me with a little rain. While this requires a moderate hike of […]