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Welcome to the home of the the fly fishing traveler. Just a running collection of rants and raves from a novice fisherman faithfully reporting on the lifestyle, personality, and enthusiasm for one of my true passions.

Fly Fishing Spotted Bay Bass in Coronado

Glorietta Bay Fly Fishing

Fly fished Glorietta Bay for the first time ever after living in San Diego for almost 7 years! I love fly fishing but have been reluctant to get into the salt water. Why? I don’t know. Different flies, weighted specialty lines, no knowledge of salty fish, tides, or just where the hell are the fish […]


Hilton Lakes

This is another incredible hike that starts near the Tom’s Place turnout between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes in the Eastern Sierras. I made this a one day turnaround trip hauling some boot foot waders (crazy) and risking the cloudy weather that was tempting me with a little rain. While this requires a moderate hike of […]

Jimmie Cannon Fly Fisher

Little Lakes Valley

First off this is one of the Eastern Sierra’s classic hikes that also has some descent fly fishing opportunities. You can make it an extended overnight hike and connect to various parts of the John Muir Trail or you can go out and back and see enough beauty to make you wish you could have […]


The Longest Silence: A Life In Fishing by Thomas McGuane

Sometimes a book will just talk to you. It becomes a part of you and teaches you so much more than you realize after the first read. Thomas McGuane’s collection of 30 essays and near obsession with chasing fish takes you around the world and back again. He gives you an intimate background of his […]